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Condition Relaxation

A step-by-step program for learning to relax instantly.
  • Condition Relaxation

Based upon Pavlovian Classical Conditioning, the most fundamental form of learning, this is one of the fastest and most powerful methods for managing anxiety and stress, reducing muscle tension, promoting restful sleep, and increasing tolerance to pain.

Listen to an audio sample from Track 2:

For muscle relaxation, anxiety reduction, pain control, stress management, and sleep difficulties associated with trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and/or stress.

Listen to the Instructions on Track 1.

Then listen to Track 2 once or twice daily for five days or until you learn the basic technique.

Continue practicing daily listening to Track 3 with music or Track 4 without music.

Once you have mastered the technique, listen to Track 5 with music, or Track 6 without music.

For problem solving, listen to Track 7.

Track One: Introduction and Instructions [12:16]

Track Two: Learning Conditioned Relaxation [23:02]

Track Three: Practicing Conditioned Relaxation (music) [15:41]

Track Four: Practicing Conditioned Relaxation (no music) [15:02]

Track Five: Instant Conditioned Relaxation (music) [5:07]

Track Six: Instant Conditioned Relaxation (no music) [5:02]

Track Seven: Problem Solving Information [2:25]

Do not listen to this CD while driving or while engaged in any other activity that requires your full and complete attention. Listen only when in a safe and protected environment.


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