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Imagine It!

Get in touch with your “Inner Genius”.
  • Imagine It!

Dr. David Bresler teaches you how to get in touch with your “Inner Genius," the part of yourself that is the source of great inspiration and creativity. By engaging this part in dialogue, you may find fresh, new solutions to problems and challenges. You will also meet and dialogue with your “Inner Critic," a part of yourself that is negativistic, judgmental, belittling, and always willing to accuse you of being lazy, stupid, and worthless. Isn’t it time to tame that part?

Listen to an audio sample from Track 2

Track 1: Meeting Your Inner Genius [17:07]

Track 2: Greeting Your Inner Genius [5:30]

Track 3: Meeting Your Inner Critic [12:16]

Track 4: Greeting Your Inner Critic [5:34]

Track 5: Identifying Inner Conflicts [19:12]

Track 6: Resolving Inner Conflicts [12:16]

Track 7: Running on Full [9:41]

Track 8: Recharging Your Batteries [9:26]

Do not listen to this CD while driving or while engaged in any other activity that requires your full and complete attention. Listen only when in a safe and protected environment.


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