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Free Yourself From Pain

Help yourself defeat chronic pain.
  • Free Yourself From Pain

All of us experience pain, but some of us live with it everyday. Dr. David Bresler believes that it doesn't have to be so: pain, no matter how chronic or severe, can be controlled. Free Yourself from Pain is the book that makes this a reality - exploring why you hurt, what your pain means, and how you can alleviate your discomfort.

Dr. Bresler, one of America's foremost specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, emphasizes the patient's personal role in controlling his or her pain through the powers of the mind. While never ignoring the biological aspects and symptoms of pain, Dr. Bresler analyzes the impact of the psychological, social, and emotional environment — and the patient's awareness of it.

Furnished with exercises and work-sheets to help patients make the facts and programs they're discovering relevant to their daily life, Free Yourself from Pain explores the following issues, treatments and approaches:

• The language of pain: the mind vs. the body

• Why you hurt: effects on nutrition, air, heredity, the life cycle

• The traditional remedies of drugs, nerve blocks, surgery, electrostimulation and psychotherapy

• Exercise therapies such as pressure, organ therapy, bioenergetics, Rolfing, exercise, and movement

• Cutting-edge, complementary therapies: integral medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation and meditation, biofeedback, faith healing and the placebo effect

• Using endorphins to help relieve pain naturally

• Conditioned relaxation techniques, nutritional programs, positive awareness - creative joy, serum fun levels

• Getting help from within: the unconscious mind, imagination and disease, the art of mental imagery and mind-controlled anglesia

• Finding an inner advisor

Praised by experts and writers in the medical profession, Free Yourself from Pain is the book that teaches us that pain is not "something to live with" but, instead, something that can be overcome.

Dr. Bresler is a health psychologist acupuncturist who was offered more than 100 publications. Currently executive director of the Bresler Center, Los Angeles, and associate clinical professor anesthesiology at the UCLA school of medicine, Dr. Bresler served as the founder and director for the skillet pain control unit and is the Executive Director of the care center for rehabilitation pain management in Encino, California.

Richard turbo is the author of an active mercy, the Great American insurance hoax and how to get a good nights sleep. He is a member of the American medical writers Association, and writes extensively a medical matters for many major magazines.


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